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Welcome to the Jennings Home Page.  We are very delightful for each one of you to visit our Family  web page.   Technology has brought us to the best form for disseminating information among family members.  The purpose for this web page is to inform each family member of current and future events.  Hopefully this page will act as a link in our communication process.  I hope this helps the family communicate better.   Love you all!!!!!!



Family Vision
Five Year Outlook for The Jennings
Scholarships for College Students
South Carolina News
Virginia News
More news to come
More news to come
Family VIDEO Browse/Search
Family Reunion 1998 Video (x.xx) New Family footage  (x:xx)
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� Movies coming (x:xx))
� Movies coming (x:xx)
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 Jennings Family Reunion 1998 Video

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 Technology Committee
Technology Committee Chair - Alonzo Wannamaker
Waiting on new information
Stay Tune
Website Planning
On-line Registration
  Hospitality Committee
Hospitality Committee Chair - Evangelist Grace Austin
Address our Family Concern (Customer Service)
Welcome Letter from Hospitality
Stay Tune
Packages for the Reunion 2007
 Finance Committee
Cost and Budget for Family Reunion 2007
Family Reunion Cost update
Budget Analysis for Family Reunion
Fundraiser Information
 Accommodation Committee
Getting our well deserve family the best
Waiting for Hotel Information
Online Reservation
Addressing Registration Concerns
 Activities & Events Committee
Banquet Activities
Banquet Activities and Site Seeking Events
Cookout Activities & Duties
Family Reunion Cookout\Picnic Information
  Family History Committee
Need Pictures from our family for Reunion
Family Tree Information Update for Reunion
Working to make History Fun for the Reunion
Genealogy for Reunion 2007
 Transportation Committee
Charter Bus Information
Family Reunion Charter Bus
Tours Downtown Schedule for Transportation
Transportation Tours for Family Reunion
  Audio\Video Committee
Communication Requirements for Reunion 2007
Acquiring a Photographer for the Banquet
Producing a Video and Photos for the Reunion
Address the needs for Communications
Hip Hop, Smooth Jazz, and Gospel for Reunion
 Banquet Committee
Banquet Committee Chair - Carolyn Miller
Banquet Planning and Setup
Working  with Activities and Events folks
Negotiation with Hotel for Banquet Menu and Ballroom
 Scholarship Committee
Scholarship Requirements for Reunion 2007
Work with Director on process for establishing program
Working on Application for main body




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